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On the morning of the Apple Watch announcement, Google launched a quick (17 second) Android Wear video called Wear what you want. Google has launched a much longer version with the tagline (Party On) attached and if you liked the first one, you’ll probably like this one.

Just like the previous one, which was an upbeat look at Android Wear and the various form factors, which embraced the Be Together, Not the Same motto that Google has been using to promote Android. It was pretty cleverly done conveying the same message without throwing the slogan in your face (well, until the end anyway). Now you can check out the ‘Extended edition’ if you will:

Android: Wear what you want (party on)

Source: Android YouTube.
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    vijay alapati

    I believe only Android geeks will understand the ad, a normal user who sees Apple Watch ad can understand what’s it’s used for, but the same user will have no idea what’s this Android wear ad is for….. Why spend money so only few people can understand….The is no mention of what the wear is capable of doing


    Cute. So is it going to be shown on TV?

    Rob Wallace

    Be together, not the same. Quite a good marketing pitch I reckon… Good job google