HTC was involved in a minor kerfuffle yesterday, when HTC VP, Product Management Mo Versi took to Twitter to advise that the HTC One M7 wouldn’t receive an update to Android 5.1. It seems that there was enough ‘feedback’ on this statement to make HTC take a second look, with Mo apparently reversing this decision.

The semi-announcement also came via Twitter with Mo saying:

It’s not an outright confirmation and yesterday he was quoted as saying the M7 had been supported software wise for two years. We’ll soon see what happens. As Mo says in his Tweet: Stay Tuned.

Source: @moversi.
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Chao Sun

I have not even got my 5.0 yet!!!!!!!!


There is no point at all releasing 5.1 for non GPE HTC One M7’s.

### LP 5.1 Changelog
– new animations: HTC Sense does not use the stock Android animations
– new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi quick settings: HTC Sense does not use the stock Android quick settings
– separate media and volume controls: HTC Sense has had separate media and volume controls for at least 3 years
– dual-SIM car support: HTC Sense has supported dual-SIM cards for at least 3 years

Lance Haeden

I hope so – I just made the decision to stick with the M7 for another few years buying a new non-carrier 64GB version to replace my old screen shattered 32GB Vodafone version. (I don’t really like any new handsets – too big, no front facing speakers, no IR, etc.) Only to find out that 1. HTC have yet to release Lollipop for any of the Australian builds of the M7. & 2. That they don’t plan to release 5.1 at all. I know I can convert the new M& to GPE but was hoping not to mess with it… Read more »


Australian version seems to rank fairly low on HTC’s “to do” list . I’ll probably do the conversion to GPE his weekend. I may be being picky, but I don’t like running old operating systems on any device – particularly if things like banking etc are done on it.


Lollipop has now been released for Telstra M7’s, downloading it now.