With a launch date looming on Tuesday here in Australia, Netflix is getting all their ducks in a row updating their Netflix app on Google Play, making it available for Australians.

Netflix launch will occur on Tuesday, with users able to sign up for a plan – which is expected to include a 1 Week Month (thanks Simon) free trial as is the case in the US. Pricing for the plans haven’t been announced, but Netflix has advised that they will come in three tiers : a single stream SD plan, a two-stream HD plan and a four-stream 4K UHD ‘Family’ plan.

The Netflix app which has previously carried the familiar: ‘This app is incompatible with all of your devices’ warning now reads ‘This app is compatible with all of your devices’. The Netflix app is fairly good to use, including compatibility for Android TV as well as most Android devices unlike other streaming services in Australia.

What content will be available hasn’t been announced but we expect to find out more when they kick off on Tuesday morning. Until then you can grab the app, but unless you’re signed up for a US account it’s not of much use at this stage.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Thanks: +Jamie.
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    about time Australian tv Is pathetic and sad.paytv is expensive and quality is repeated 24.7 had foxtel but only watched sports..only in Australia they make you pay for HD its stupid and lame, I don’t think Netflix will be a big hit because not many ppl know about it down under, we relax on claiming newstart and not working rather than watching tv 24/7, im glad they kept the prices at $10 and finally made some other wanks like presto stan pop up, pathetic it takes a international company for our dumb aussie company to set up shop for competition…free… Read more »

    Glenn Batten

    So will those using dns services to view usa netflix finally be able to update their client?


    Netflix doesn’t work on my Nexus 7 2013 since a few weeks ago. Tried installing the Australian app after reading this article and still can’t log in


    you blocking google dns?

    Glenn Batten

    Blocking google dns does not work for the latest versions of the netflix app


    Yes blocking google DNS on router… US Netflix works on all my other devices Ipad, Windows pc IMAC but Android tablet since Lollipop cant even sign into it…


    That’s why, you need to unblock google, sign in. Then block it again


    I had this issue but updated to a newer APK) and it worked fine.

    Not sure the Australian site is actually live yet so i wouldn’t expect it to work without a DNS yet.

    May be issues with yoru DNS – if you’re using unblock-us make sure you register it via a web page.

    Harrison Pace

    Just updated by Nexus Player to Android 5.1 – Not having to reinstall anything via an apk is just great! It’s coming!


    My TV viewing has been slowly consumed by Stan.

    Not going to be very productive when this releases.


    I really don’t like the idea of the three plans. For sure the lowest plan will be $9.99 – “same as in the US”, with the others being more expensive. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday 🙂

    Simon Adam

    FYI you get 1 month free access when you sign up to netflix in the states

    Daniel Tyson

    It’s been a year or more since I signed up, couldn’t remember.


    No love for Google TV boxes I see!?

    Daniel Tyson

    lol, that’s hilarious.


    We bought an android smart TV and apparently its not possible to get the app through google – have had to plug chrome cast into the TV to screen stuff from lap top – have you had any information about how long it will be before this app is available ?