With Google’s ability to udpate from server side with new cards, Google Now cards have a tendency to just appear. Today reports of an Agenda, as well as an upcoming travel card have been appearing.

The agenda card looks as you’d expect as a basic card showing items from your upcoming events listed in your calendar. It’s a pretty straightforward implementation with a date on the card and of course the time and duration of the event. You’ll also see a slightly longer implementation which shows the whole day (Thanks to @MrJayTee74 for the shots):

But that’s not all. According to Android Police, another card has begun appearing based on future travel plans. The card which is titled ‘Your trip to ‘ is expandable which then delivers a load of related cards for your destination including flight information, personal agenda, attractions in the area and a currency converter.

We haven’t seen this on our end yet, but it’s a server side push (and we’re not going anywhere yet) so maybe it’ll show up shortly when a trip presents itself. Have you seen these cards yet?

Via: Android Police.
Thanks: @MrJayTee74.
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    I’ve seen both. The travel cards are quite interesting. I went on holiday to Kingscliffe NSW last month and I got a card with a whole lot of useful info about the place. I’ve recently started looking at a US trip for next year and now I have a Los Angeles card. I love Google Now!