With the release of Lollipop for the LG G3, we immediately began fielding requests from LG G2 owners asking about the Lollipop update for their handset. While nothing has appeared on any of the Australian carriers software testing update pages, LG India has advised the update could be along shortly.

In response to a request for an ETA for the Lollipop update on the G2 in India, the social media team has actually replied with an ETA of Q2.

Now, the big question is which Q2 are they referring to? The Indian fiscal year runs from 1 April to 31 March meaning Q2 would slot in from July – September. If it’s the Korean Financial Year it could arrive anytime from April through to June.

We’ll be keenly interested in this update, the G2 was a truly great phone and it will be interesting to see what Lollipop can do for it.
Are you still running stock LG software on your G2? Have you tried a Lollipop based ROM for it?

Source: LG India.
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Phill Edwards

I’m still running stock LG, and loving it. But looking forward to an update.


Apparently, the update is ready to roll out. I heard 29/3/15, but who knows. A leaked version of the official Vietnam firmware is available on xda. I’m not sure that I want to flash it though.

vijay alapati

I’m sure they are not stupid enough to mean either Indian or Korean years, should be global. If you are too curious why not tweet lg directly