Wednesday , June 6 2018

Amaysim brings new 4G plans using Optus’ 4G network


Amaysim today launched new plans and pricing as it moves to use Optus’ 4G network, including its recent 700Mhz 4G Plus additions.

It seems that the “Unlimited” parts of the new plan names refers to text messages, as each plan has different limits on data and voice calls. Data inclusion is quite generous compared to other prepaid and even on-contract plans offered by their competitors, something we’ve been wanting to see for a while on 4G.

  • UNLIMITED 6GB has 6GB of data, unlimited standard talk and text in Australia. It’s $54.90 per month.
  • UNLIMITED 4GB has 4GB of data, unlimited standard talk and text in Australia and is $44.90 per month.
  • UNLIMITED TEXT 1.5GB includes – you guessed it – 1.5GB of data and unlimited standard text. It gets you 500 minutes of standard voice calls (but unlimited Amaysim-to-Amaysim calls) for $29.90 a month.

If you’re on Amaysim’s existing Unlimited plan you don’t have to change anything, but it looks like you’ll remain on 3G unless you move to one of the new plans. Amaysim’s other top-ups, As You Go and Flexi, will become 4G-enabled and differ slightly on call and text rates.

Want a handy chart showing the details of the new plans? They were kind enough to send one over!


There’s also some changes coming to data packs, with a 1GB data pack coming for $9.90 with 30 days expiry no matter when in the month it’s applied and a 300MB pack on its way for $4.90. It seems those changes aren’t quite ready to roll yet, with the 1GB add-on due to be available in the coming month and the 300MB add-on “soon”.

What do you think of Amaysim’s new plans? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. not sure how helpfull it is
    but amaysim only has access to 700MHz LTE up here in Townsville, North Queensland
    my OnePlus One doesnt support 700MHz so no 4G for me

    sucks it doesnt mention this untill you pay for it and cant work out why you dont have 4G access
    amaysim nice enough to give me next months access free so i cant complain too much
    still get 8-10mb download on 3G so ill get by

  2. The 4G plans are KB rounded sessions. 3G plans are MB rounded sessions. I expect my current $44.90 3G unlimited plan with 5gigs data to really work out to the same as the 4G $44.90 with 4 gig data due to this rounding up with megabyte rounded sessions that steals data on 3G. I’ll make the switch to 4G and pay the same.

  3. Vaya still trumps this 18 for 600 worth of calls. 1.5gb of data unlimited text. Extra gb of data is $7. 4g always included

  4. also consider Vaya , is already optus 4G with cheaper plans

    • Vaya is cheap yes. But there’s a $20 “deposit” fee which you get back when you leave on top of the initial fees of signing up. They have some of the worst customer support ever. Data usage is per Mb. A once off additional fee gets them to count per kb. My first month with them they said I used 2Gb without any warning about me almost reaching my limit. I was very upset with them and called to ask why and they basically just shrugged me off. At the end of the month they “corrected” themselves and apparently I had used only 600mb or so. However, when I got the message it was about 15 days into the month. For the rest of the month I had to switch off my data usage. What is the point of all that data if you cant even turn it on? There are plenty of horror stories with Vaya on the net if you are willing to search. I personally am with jaynee now. At least their call centre is in Sydney. I consider the extra 7 dollars as charity every month as they are not for profit.

      • jeenee. I always get their name wrong. If you want to save money indeed Vaya is probably the cheapest around with 4G. just be careful with the fine print is all.

        • Over a thousand pages of complaints and discussion about Vaya over on Whirlpool. When I left, they wouldn’t stop charging me for months, and then demanded that I prove that I had actually left. With Spintel now – not a problem, and KB billing.

      • sounds like you had some bad luck. I have been with vaya for about half a year now with zero problems and have been pretty happy with it all.
        My girlfriend has been with them for a bit longer and did go over the data the first month and they gave her a discount on it. I know they used to charge per Mb but now i think it has changed, not sure though. Also i just got another sim card off them, ‘month-to-month’ and the sim card was for free. and yeah, you get the initial $20 back. So far its great for me and very cheap.

  5. Hey!! No fair pushing the price up on PAYG data from 5c p/mb to 7.2c p/m…. If one has a PAYG sim then one is trying to keeps costs down, thus are more than likely will not be streaming media content (the main selling point/reason for 4g). 3g is perfectly capable of doing web browsing and email/messaging.
    baa humbug 🙁

  6. $72 / Gb excess. Too risky for me. Been burnt before. I’ll stick to prepay thanks.

    • You can choose between postpaid or prepaid on Amaysim upon sign up.

      • Really? I don’t see that anywhere on their website. The only thing that comes close is the FLEXI, but even that would just blow your credit once you go past 500MB.

        • Amaysim have always had the option of choosing postpaid or prepaid. Just go to the main page and pop your mouse over “Mobile Plans” the first thing on the drop down menu says “Postpaid or Prepaid plans”. Further information can be found at,
          Home »
          Help & Support »
          Getting started »
          What is the difference between Postpaid and Prepaid?
          Whatever amaysim plan you’re on, you can choose to pay upfront (we call this ‘Prepaid’) or receive a bill after your monthly use (we call this ‘Postpaid’). The same great rates apply no matter which option you choose.

          Hope this helps.


          • Ah, right, thanks, I see it now. Not exactly the prepaid I had in mind. I tend to stay away from anything that can give me bill shock. Thanks for the follow up though. Cheers.

          • There is no bill shock. It’s as prepaid as it gets. When a limit such as data is reached, it’ll simply stop working until you choose to recharge again. The excess charges you see on their website are purely for postpaid and do not apply to prepaid.


          • Oh, cool! That’s exactly what I’m after! Thank you!!! Will look into switching over. Cheers.

  7. i hope they will reduce the prices of current 3g plans, so i can jump from lyca mobile which is $20 unlimited 🙂

  8. Yeah, I just went through the rigamarole to switch. It activates on the next bill.
    You lose a gig… 5GB down to 4… in the switch. Not happy, but I can live with it

    • Sweet
      Finally gonna get me some 4G action
      Finally be able to see what my oneplus one can do

      • Yeah I’ve got One plus one too, however I don’t like the idea of losing 1 GB of days allowance per month for 4 G speeds! So still I’m stuck on 3g.

        • I’m happy to pay $10 more for a extra 1gb of data and 4G speeds
          My account doesn’t refresh till the 11th April so it doesn’t upgrade till then

    • But the new 4G plans use KB billing vs MB billing on the old plans. So in actual use – you will get more data on the new plans, even though you’re “losing” 1GB.

      Imagine a shop that charges 20c per orange, and a shop that charges 20c per orange – but they round this up to $1. Which shop would you prefer to buy from?

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