The HTC One M9+ is a pretty hotly anticipated device for something that HTC hasn’t even acknowledged exists. But rumours persist and it seems there’s at least a little smoke when it comes to the rumours, although no fire has yet been sighted. Twitter leaker @onleaks has shown the above image claiming that this is what the phone will look like when compared to the HTC One M9.

Before you get carried away, @onleaks readily admits that this is a mockup – not an actual press render. The phone is based on physical dimensions he says were leaked to him of 150.9×72.5×10.15mm.

One M9 Plus vs One M9

As you can see the phone has a slightly larger display – 5.2″ according to @onleaks – as well as what appears to be a physical home button which is rumoured to be a fingerprint scanner situated at the bottom of the phone splitting the front-facing BoomSound speakers. The rear of the phone is where it gets interesting, with the Duo-Camera setup from the HTC One M8 apparently set to make a come back.

For something that hasn’t even been announced the HTC One M9+ is hugely popular with many questions being fielded here about the existence of the phone. There’s nothing official from HTC and at this stage with the One M9 launching here today in Australia, it’s safe to say that HTC has other priorities over the next few months.

Source: @onleaks.
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vijay alapati

10.15 mm width….better be a 4000mAh battery inside, else just fail


Not a good look.