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Tagging a person in your tweets is easy and part of the overall Twitter experience, tagging a place not so much. You can include your location in tweets, but Twitter wants to add more specific information and has partnered with Foursquare to add that information by allowing you to tag a business in your tweets.

The new feature means you’ll be able to add business tags in a tweet from mobile applications, which includes the Android app. Specifically Twitter has simply said that the feature ss ‘Coming soon’ in their tweet announcing the update, but when is anyones guess :

The support page for the feature advises:

In select locations, you may also label your Tweet with the name of a specific business, landmark, or other point of interest. These locations are provided by Foursquare.

It’s interesting and adds something, but whether it counts against your 140 characters isn’t clear – we’ll find out more when the feature goes live.

Source: @twitterTwitter Support.