Humble Bundle 12

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 which launched a week ago, has been updated overnight with three new games to add to your collection.

The games: Eufloria HD, Solar Flux, and Toast Time, have been added to the ‘Pay more than the average price’ bundle which means you’ll have to pay more than US$5.11 to grab the most out of the bundle. You can of course just pay US$10 which will net you all the games including the premium title Shadowrun Returns.

The games are best accessed by grabbing the Humble Bundle Android app, but you’ll have to side-load it after it was removed from Google Play. The app can be downloaded from the Humble Bundle website which also has instructions on installing the app, including selecting ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ in your security settings.

Head on over to the Humble Bundle Website and check out the deal now.

Source: Humble Bundle.