When Motorola launched their Moto X Gen 2 last year, they unleashed a slew of accessories including a battery pack and a unique Bluetooth earpiece with charging case called the Moto Hint. While Motorola has chosen not to bring the Moto Hint to Australia, the team at Expansys has gotten their hands on the unit and you can grab one for yourself.

The Moto Hint works as your every day Bluetooth headset, taking calls etc. but it’s when you pair it with a Moto X the magic happens. You can use the Moto Hint as a mic to activate Google Now without pulling your phone out – “What’s today’s forecast?” or “How do I get home?” and the answers are read to you on the hint, you can even hear notifications, make or receive calls and send messages.

While the Moto Hint will give you just over 3 hours of talk time, it’s the storage case which again adds that extra touch. The Moto Hint case is also a battery pack, which will recharge your Moto Hint twice, giving you up to 10 hours of talk time.

For starters, the Moto Hint isn’t a cheap unit, at A$140.00 + delivery you’ll be able to find far more advanced Bluetooth headsets, including stereo and sports models, but they can’t do what the Moto Hint does if you have a Moto X. Also bear in mind that the Moto Hint does sell for US$149.99 on the Motorola website, making this quite the deal.

If you’re in the market for the Motorola Moto Hint, head on over to the Expansys website and check it out.

Source: Expansys.
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Marné Prinsloo

Does the Hint still function like in the ads with other androids? Or do you need the Moto X or a Motorola phone?

Sujay Vilash

“but it’s when you pair it with a Moto X the magic happens” in the article