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With Easter looming next weekend – who’s ready to OD on Chocolate? – Google has launched a sale on Google Play, offering discounts on Movies, Apps, Books, Music and Games.

There’s a fair few discounts on offer, with discounted Family favourite movies such as Tintin, Hugo and a few of the Harry Potter movies, as well as Free Willy.

Google Play Books has a number of titles with some Australian authors mixed in, including Melissa Doyle’s Alphabet Soup: My Life On And Off Screen, Lancaster Men by Peter Rees and In Stockmen’s Footsteps: How a Farm Girl from the Blacksoil Plains Grew Up to Champion Australia’s Outback Heritage by Jane Grieve.

If Music is more your style then check out the deals on albums in Google Play Music, with titles like Kylie Minogues Kiss Me Once, The Veronicas self-titled album and Guy Sebastians Madness from just $7.99.

If you’re just in it for the Apps and Games, then there’s some titles for you with apps and games for Easter all bundled into one area. Not all the apps are on-sale, some are free with discounted In-App Purchases or some just free or lite versions.

The discounted apps, games, books, music and movies should hang around for a while and if you pair those deals with the 10% discount on Google Play Gift Cards at Woolworths at the moment you could pick up some great savings.

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