LG is the next big player we’re expecting to see launch their 2015 flagship, and though we’ve seen some renders of the G4, it looks like a G4 variant is also on the way.

A user over on XDA-Developers has posted links to some photos on Photobucket which show a phone they’re calling the LG G4. There’s some controversy based on the shot of the rear of the phone which shows either a stylus or an antenna. With any Korean phone, if it’s released in their home market, there’s a good chance that it could be a TV antenna, but if it’s a US release it could be a stylus, which means a follow up to the LG G3 Stylus could be on the way.

Speculation does put the screen size of these shots at around the 5.5″ mark, in line with previous rumours, but then nothing is certain.

Software wise, the new UI looks pretty decent, although it looks as though the settings menu will again be tabbed. Android 5.0 – build LRX22G is running on it, but whether LG surprise everyone and launch with 5.1 won’t be clear until the announcement. It’s always possible that LG will cherry pick from Android 5.1 source for their specific build of Android – which will apparently see its own launch event before the G4 is announced.

The shots originate from a US XDA member, who hasn’t responded since posting the shots as to whether they’re his or taken from somewhere else. There does seem to be some US-based apps installed on the home-screen and settings are all in English which goes some way to showing the phone is at least in the US.

But you can be the judge yourself, previous renders of the LG G4 have shown what appears to be a more curved body, but this could be a simple trick of the render – remember the Galaxy Nexus renders? The design of the rear volume rocker and power button does line up with those previous renders, so there may be something to this.

When LG will release the LG G4 – or G4 Note/Stylus, whatever it will be called – hasn’t been announced, but we do know we can expect an event to show off the new LG Software UX/UI before the launch. The LG G2 and G3 were two of our favoured phones here at Ausdroid over the last couple of years, so we’re looking forward to seeing what LG has for the G4.

What do you think of these shots?

Source: XDA-Developers.
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I think we’ll see the new UI in May and an announcement soon after, with it released around July.

Hopefully they back port the new UI to the G2 and G3, although given that the G2 is still running its original UI, it seems unlikely. At least Lollipop will get it up to speed with the G3.

Bootloops Anonymous

Not sure how much this means, but the android build number indicates an October, 2014 build. Surely they would use a more recent one than that at release.


Looks ugly IMO. Wasn’t the G4 supposed to have a radical new design?


The halftone texturing on the back looks interesting. I wonder if this was done in response to how some users felt that the back of the G3 was too smooth?

vijay alapati

side bezels looks thicker than G3’s…not sure if its G4


Comparing the pic to my G3, those side bezels are definitely thicker than the G3