Nickelodeon has this week released a new title in their Wild Grinders series, announcing Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind. The game has been published by Nick, but is developed by Australian development studio Bubble Gum Interactive, the brains behind a number of addictive games such as Cake Bake Blitz.

Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind is the latest in the series which is based on Nickelodeon cartoon Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders and is an endless downhill skate game. Players take on the role of Lil Rob and the gang, skating their way through levels grinding, ollie’ing or kickflipping and earning powerups and boosts by performing combos as they head downhill avoiding security guards.

The Wild Grinders show tie-in allows players to unlock a variety of show based content such as additional characters, or items such as Lil Rob’s Rocket pack and Goggle’s Hover board.

Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind isn’t a freemium title, all the content is included in the sale price, which is fairly high relative to a lot of titles at AU$5.16. The price though is in line with other Nickelodeon titles in the series. The idea of a self-contained game with no In-App Purchases (IAP) will certainly appeal to parents these days who are beginning to dread the on-going costs associated with micro-payments built-in to so-called ‘Children’s’ titles.

If Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind tickles your fancy, head over to Google Play to download it now.

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Source: Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind.