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Star Wars Rebels: Recon
Jedi’s and Sith rejoice, Disney has released a Star Wars themed game onto Google Play: Star Wars Rebels: Recon.

Star Wars Rebels: Recon is now available on Google Play and simliarly to games from Telltale games, developers of the excellent The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it’ss a freemium game, allowing you to play the first 4 levels for free, but then requiring payment through In-App Purchase (IAP) if you wish to progress further. It’s a decent model, which sucks you in but in a way that you may just be captured enough by the story and gameplay to chip in the few bucks here and there.

Much like the other Telltale games we’ve had a look at and enjoyed such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, Telltale give you a look at the game for nothing then require in-app purchased to get into more levels. Personally; I’m ok with that as long as the price isn’t horrendous, developers have worked hard on the game so they need to be rewarded but I’d still rather pay a flat $6 or $7 for the game and have full access to all of the goodies in it.

If you’re a Star Wars geek like I am, check out the first few levels and see if you’re keen on progressing your careers as a Jedi. Be warned though, the initial download once installed is around 1GB which on some connections may take some time to download.

Would you prefer a flat (potentially inflated) fee for games, or does the freemium model work well for you?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.

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Now they need to do an Imperials/Sith version of the game.
I dare say that there’s a lot of gamers who’d rather play the game as an Imperial or Sith, and eradicate that verminous Rebel scum.

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