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Nexus Player + Controller

For those of you who’ve gone to the trouble of importing your own Nexus Player, it’s more than likely that you’ve sideloaded apps, or grabbed an unblock-us + netflix account.

For anyone wishing to take that little bit more control over their Nexus Player, or perhaps to allow an app such as Titanium Backup to run in its fully functional state you can now obtain root on your device.

Over on the XDA Developers forum, one of their contributors Bunchies has posted details on how to get root on the Nexus Player.

You will of course have to be running Android 5.1 (LMY47D) on your Nexus Player, but never fear you can download the OTA link here:

I put together root installer script that comes with SU-binary/App with a insecure boot.img, everything is done over adb shell since we don’t have a recovery right now but i will be working on it and already booted CWM

Also adding the caution: I am not responsible for whatever may happen to you or your device when using this, Run this at your own risk!!
Requires unlocked bootloader!

As usual at Ausdroid we’ll echo those sentiments and recommend that if you’re going to head down the path of rooting a device that you do lots of reading, understand the risk (you’re doing this at your own risk and may brick your device) vs reward (full control to the system, much of which the average user wont use) and then allow yourself plenty of time to work through the process.

Have you been lucky enough to get a Nexus Player into Australia, or are you waiting for the device to officially be launched in the Australian Google Play Store?

Source: XDA Developers Forums.

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