OnePlus has taken to Reddit to either spill the beans or let slip their #OneGameChanger product. On Reddit, David aka /u/devild, stated that the new product will be a drone, the Dr-1 (D-R-ONE). He also mentioned that it’ll ship next month (April 2015). Now, we all know what happens on April 1st. It’s not really a secret that some companies, especially tech companies, have an April fools joke announcement on April 1st. Like many out there we were skeptical. David’s statement was a bit, matter-of-fact for me to believe it straight off the bat… but then I saw this from, Carl…

When the #OneGameChanger tag first appeared with the images below, me and many others were very confident in the new product being a Games Console of sorts, much like the Nexus Player.

What do you think? April Fools, or April Drool! Either way, we’ll find out in April. Also… talking about things coming soon… oxygenOS and cm12? Come on OnePlus, deliver!

Source: reddit.