If you’re a Plex user, you’ve probably seen the update that came through Thursday night/Friday morning for us Aussies. There’s been a huge number of changes delivered with the jump to version 4.0 which are all listed on the forums.

The fixes include:

  • Fix crash selection the ‘already paid’ option on the welcome screen.
  • Fix crash scrolling on the home screen immediately after a pull-to-refresh operation.
  • Fix error where user selector would sometimes crash when trying to select an account that wasn’t PIN protected.
  • Fix crash when closing upload camera settings screen.
  • Fix error that would sometimes crash the app when skipping to next item while casting.
  • Fix bug where app would sometimes crash while casting content in the background

and as a user, a couple of highlights of the changes for me are:

  • Redesigned home dashboard with a brand new side Navigation Bar. (mobile layout)
  • The app now lets you select a server to view, giving both regular and shared users a first-class experience! (mobile layout)
  • Plex Home support for managed users and fast user switching. (mobile layout)

There’s also some paid access (in app purchase) access to some Android TV controls for those of you who are lucky enough to have an Android TV device in your life.

So if you’re a Plex user, it’s worth grabbing the update (if you haven’t already) onto your device so head over to the Play Store Link now.

What media streaming apps do you use on your device and network?

Plex: Stream Movies & TV
Plex: Stream Movies & TV
Developer: Plex, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Plex TV Forums.
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    Allister Roger

    Just an outstanding app. So good that I bought a lifetime plex pass. User permissions and fast switching now on Android and Samsung TV. Also mobile sync on plex pass. I don’t buy many premium apps but I have used it so much, I felt I owed it to them.

    Jesse Kinross-Smith

    Also a Lifetime Plex Pass owner – love Plex!