Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge - Model

Samsung’s announced Australian pricing and availability details for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge today. Both phones will be available in 32, 64 and 128GB models, with retail pricing for the phones will range from AU $999 to $1449.

The Galaxy S6 pricing matches the details we revealed last week. Samsung is making a big effort to make the the Galaxy S6 Edge’s dual-sided edge display an affordable choice with it commanding a $150 premium over the equivalent Galaxy S6 model – that’s half the $300 premium of the 2014 Note Edge’s single edge display, a welcome change.


Galaxy S6

  • 32GB – $999
  • 64GB – $1149
  • 128GB – $1299

Galaxy S6 Edge

  • 32GB – $1149
  • 64GB – $1299
  • 128GB – $1449

The prices are on the high side compared to last year’s flagships, but with the weak Australian dollar this is to be expected. Still, Samsung’s managed to undercut the base model of HTC’s One M9 by $100. Like most phones, you can expect the launch prices to drop fairly quickly in the coming months.

Disappointingly, it seems that Samsung will only bring the White Pearl and Black Sapphire colours to Australia, with no mention of the green and blue versions we saw at the MWC launch event. If (like me) you’re after those colours it looks like you might have to import a phone but watch out for support for Australia’s 4GX/4G+ network bands if you do so.

What’s hot on the Galaxy S6?

For me, it’s going to be the camera. Both front and back cameras feature F1.9 lenses, and you’ll find Samsung’s real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) making a return on the rear camera along with the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) we saw last year in the Galaxy Note 4. Put together this technology should make the S6 a force to be reckoned with for imaging, and I can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

Besides the camera, I’m interested to check out the S6’s battery technology. While Samsung’s made the controversial choice of sealing the battery into the unit this year, it’s offering wireless charging to make up for it and incredibly quick wired charging – the company says you’ll get 4 hours’ use from a 10-minute charge. Samsung’s also touting the updated fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone, along with its Knox security platform to make the Galaxy S6 ready for business.

Galaxy Gifts feature again on the Galaxy S6. The number and quality of gifts has taken a marked turn upward in the couple of years since their first appearance and this time around Samsung is offering gifts from Uber, Microsoft One Drive, Evernote, Kindle, The Australian newspaper, Quickflix and more. You’ll also get access to Samsung’s Milk Music service.

Pre-order today, available April 10

Samsung and selected carrier partners will open pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge online from 5pm this afternoon. The phones will go on sale in stores on April 10. We’re expecting carrier pricing to appear soon.

Will you be pre-ordering a Galaxy S6? Which model? Tell us in the comments!

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Winnie Wilks

Wow hundred and fifty dollars more for the
pretty edges… It appears the Note Edge functionality is not included with the S6 Edge. I’m sure it will still be popular with the fashion forward but are the tech heads going to be disappointed?


Well I was in two mind whether to upgrade or not. Now it’s a definite no with those prices.


Damn that’s very expensive.

Outright pricing is crazy high and my contract is not due for renewal. Might have to give it a miss.


The 128GB Galaxy S6 Edge is only $11.36 per gram. Much cheaper than Gold at $49.70 per gram currently.


For this price I would buy a iPhone. For android devices, I won’t buy one above $900. The price will go down very soon. Believe me.

vijay alapati

$900 is way too much for a android which is available on Nexus 5 ( in stock form) for half the price, will wait till it reduces or buy a second hand via gumtree 🙁


To be fair you really can’t compare a Nexus 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S6 – they are miles apart from a performance and feature standpoint. That being said, to me it is definitely not worth over twice the price of a Nexus 5.

I still think a Xperia Z3 is the best bang for buck at the moment, until the S6 drops in price.

vijay alapati

agreed, but the bloody edge is really making me go nuts :'(
to be frank its the only device in recent days that was making to to move away from my nexus 5 which i was using for more than a year


Yeah, I haven’t been interested in any Samsung phone for the past few years (I’m still using a 3G Galaxy S3) but when they announced the S6 it immediately made me want to purchase one as soon as it would launch…until I saw the pricing. So, I think I will wait for it to drop in price a little first. I still think I will end up buying one as I am in sore need of an upgrade and there is nothing else on the market at the moment that I really want.


Same here, Samsung completely lost me recently but the S6 has totally rekindled my interest. A few months after release no doubt you’ll be able to get it for $600-$700.


Yeah, it is too much. As Nexus 6 has this sort of price. I am sad as well.


Just wait 3 months and these prices will be 20% cheaper


… or wait 12 months and you can get an S7.
… or wait 36 months and you’ll be able to get an S6 really cheap.


Waiting doesn’t work for me.


I just choked on my baguette! The cheapest one is $1K. The carriers are surely salivating at people putting these on a subsidised plan.


Exactly same price as iPhone 6/+ WOW.


Love that photo. Did Dan take it, or is it a Samsung provided image?


Pretty sure Dan took it.

Santa Maria

I actually wouldn’t mind paying for the price if the support is good and if there was a “nexus-like” update. I’m worried about spending so much and being an afterthought when the new phones come out next year, especially since I want a new phone to keep for the next couple of years. Heck my HTC M7’s future is now hazy after lollipop.


Ouch, Apple pricing, with the edge iphone 6+ pricing. Not fun times.

Gavin Bowd

Wow… I haven’t looked at buying a Galaxy phone since the S2 this one peaked my interest…but seriously… $999 and I can’t get the blue one… Great.
Also what was the unlocked price of an S5?


You can grab an unlocked S5 from Kogan at the moment for around $440 with the eBay 20% sale if you grab it before Thursday as thats when the 20% off ends.


Nope, apart from the radio component for calls etc I can buy a much bigger more powerful tablet / pc combo for less. Do these people not realise that they are approaching saturation in the market with most people having a smart phone of some sorts and the only way to be sure to entice people to buy is with reasonable pricing ? No wonder Samsung’s sales are dropping. An apple lover will buy no matter the price because they are sheep, but an Android lover has many options to chose from with most being a much better price. With… Read more »


Even Nexus prices are increasing, compare the 6 to the 5 and 4. It’s the sign of times. Want a cheap one? get a chinese brand, that’s why they are taking over the landscape. They copy the others and sell it for cheap


I know, this is part of the problem. As above with the 20% ebay sale the N6 is a good price at the top end I feel. The HTC is on the list, 1099 then 20% off so if you want an HTC look now.


Whole Lotta Nope.

One would hope google have learnt their lesson with overpricing the Nexus (6 and 9) and will be back with a real Nexus phone & tablet this year.

Particularly with the exchange rate, and the fact that this is all mature and therefore lower profit now, they need to be hitting far better price points.


I would rather trust a Chinese brand than crap Samsung. It’s not worth to buy an android device over $900. Chinese copy others? Even Samsung copy apple a lot.


It depends, if you don’t value having the best camera hardware avaiable then you can switch Android phones easily.

However, If you want a good camera on your phone then the S6 is the phone to get and there aren’t really any substitutes.

The Note 4 is the closest camera to the S6 and from what I’ve seen in the reviews the S6 is a significantly better camera (my wife has a Note 4 and I find her camera great but rather slow).