Galaxy S6 Edge
The launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge with a metal frame brought a lot of cheers from Samsung fans, but gasps as Samsung followed that up with the announcement that the phone would have glass on the front and back. Users who’ve been stung by glass backed phones (Nexus 4, Sony phones and even Apple phones) in the past approached the announcement with trepidation. But it looks like the phone could be nigh on indestructable according to this video which has appeared on YouTube.

The video shows the phone being not just dropped, but slammed onto the floor three times in a row, after which the phone has no cracks in the display or the rear. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge both use Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the display and from this demo, that stuff is brilliant. Check it out:

We DO NOT advocate trying this out for yourself, but from this video it’s looking like a darn solid phone.

Source: YouTube.
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I just tried this with my Surface Pro 3… didn’t end so well.


Interesting that the touch gestures doesn’t really correspond to the behaviour of the display. I’m a bit skeptical.

Carsten Bauer

Pretty impressive, but makes me wonder about the validity of the video though.


There’s also a video of the same lady cracking her nuts with it. I’ll post it on the Ausdroid G+ Community page.


Thanks for posting that.
Another fun vid to see.


Thrown hard, at a hard floor, at a short distance, pretty well flat, and it’s still working.
A decent start.
Now are there any videos of it being thrown edge on at that same floor, with the same amount of force, from the same distance?