In a style matching last years LG G3 announcement, they have begun sending out “save the date” invites to press for a simultaneous event being held across multiple continents on the 28th and 29th of April; New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Istanbul and Seoul. Giving very little away as to what is in store the header for the invite says “See the great, feel the great”

LG Invite

The date coincides with the rumoured launch late April launch for the G4 and with the apparent leaked images of the G4 already out on the internet, I wonder if LG have any surprises in store for us with the device launch but only time will tell.

What does the LG G4 need to have for it to be your next must have phone?

Source: 9 to 5 Google.
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vijay alapati

as per invite it looks like they might have a leather back to the phone….nice move by LG and it will be G4 since G is in bold letters in the text :p


There are also four letters after the G (twice), so G4! But we already knew that.

“See The G”, 1440p screen.
“Feel The G”, embossed on leather – yep, leather back.
Don’t know what to make of the cotton stitches though:)


Considering that the G3 was 1440 x 2560, I’m thinking the G4 might be a 4K device.


Nice comment. I get it.


I hadn’t intended for my comment to be a possible pun, and didn’t realise it till I saw your comment.

I was simply noting that 1440p was last year’s top of the line. and that to stay as King Of The Hill, LG would have to go Bigger And Better. That meant going 4K. And I missed the possible pun that could be seen.


Well the Galaxy S6 and One M9 were disappointing to me, so here’s hoping the G4 actually impresses. Might be a bit of a stretch because I think LG’s UI is even worse than Samsung’s.


I wouldn’t go quite that far. 😉 The G4 is being released with a new UI anyway, so hopefully it impresses.