It’s not the first time and certainly won’t be the last that the Street View car has caught an illegal, immoral or indecent act (or a combination of all three) on camera. Couples have been caught doing the wild thing, burglars have been caught on camera; that’s really gotta be the icing on a bad day doesn’t it? and adulterers have been caught hanging out of bedroom windows or off balconies.

This time it’s a Port Pirie woman who has made headlines as well as causing a stir on social media storm after chasing down the Google Street View mapping car and literally flopping them out. Karen Davis, 38 told how she saw the Street View car into Barry Drive in the town of Port Pirie in South Australia before doing doing it, claiming it was on her bucket list to get on Google Street view.

Though she probably won’t appear again on Google Maps, she’s planning a repeat performance of at least going topless when she skydives over the skies of South Australia for her 40th Birthday next year.

So for those of you who thought that driving the Street View car may be a boring walk in the park, spare a thought for the drivers who see all sorts of odd and scary things during their work day.
If you’ve made an appearance on Google Street View, share the link with us below

Source: Adelaide Now.
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    I thought taking her to court was a bit much.
    No harm done, and many people entertained.