The OnePlus DR-1 is available now on their website! Hurry though, they are ‘Limited Edition’. I’ve put some of the specifications below for you to entice you further. We mentioned the launch was imminent due to some mentions on reddit and a teaser video, yesterday.

The hype is real? Well, yes and no.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 15.55.10

With a wingspan of just 70 mm (2.75 inches), the limited-edition DR-1 is the smallest remote-controlled drone in the world. Four flexible blades generate impressive lift and movement speed, and flights are made simple with ultra-bright orientation LEDs. Did we mention that it’s really, really small?

Automatic 4-axis flips are initiated with a simple flick of the thumb, making aerial stunts impossibly easy. Dual flight mode settings allow the DR-1 to seamlessly adapt to your skill level mid-flight, and a quick, 20 minute charge provides 5-8 minutes of exhilarating flight time. You’ll never be grounded for long.

 Add multiple DR-1s to the mix and challenge your friends to a sky race. Or, set up an obstacle course and practice your majestic piloting skills. Can you land on that ceiling fan while it’s spinning at full speed? Probably not, but it would be fun to try*. The opportunities are endless.

The DR-1 is a special edition product from OnePlus and is only available in limited quantities. Our exclusive miniature drone is a one-time offer, so get them before they’re gone.

Godspeed, and always remember: with tiny power comes tiny responsibility.

*Our lawyer wants us to tell you not to do this. So, uh, don’t do this.


The DR-1 is $19.99 and about $7.34 postage to USA (Then add your shipping forwarder price on top of that if you live in Australia). The Ausdroid family are getting a few, are you getting one?


Source: https://oneplus.net/dr-1.
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    It looks like a cheerson cx10 (or similar) with a oneplus logo. Buy one off ebay and put a sticker on it. Voilà.


    Ah, there we go: it looks identical to the wltoys v646. Cheap and plentiful on ebay…

    Satwik Kamatmehbro

    Why won’t the hk store shop to Australia.. lame.

    Yianni soc

    Tried to get a few from the hong kong store… all sold out. Must be more allocated to US than their home turf!