Smartbox by Inbox_ the mailbox of tomorrow, today - YouTube

Full credit to Google, when they do something; they do it well. That extends to their April fools jokes too and this year is no exception, selling Smartbox by Inbox as a physical extension to their very popular Inbox app. Google have done really well and they’ve certainly gone the whole 9 yards to deliver this amusing commercial that would be enough to fool… people who want to believe, see for yourself.

If nothing else, this serves as a really good reminder to users that Inbox is available now (hit any one of the Ausdroid team up if you want an invite, we have spares) to users and it does offer a number of functions and conveniences that you don’t have on the standard Gmail client.

Earlier today we did a wrap up of the April fools jokes we’d already sited around the internet but there’s undoubtedly a lot more we’ve not found or had brought to our attention.

What ripping April Fools jokes have you seen today?

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    Ashley Carter

    Can someone please send me an invitation for smartbox 🙂

    Tanvir Nabi

    We must admit Google’s innovation. There are always new up dates, new version, new apps and so on. Exciting features are included there.


    Inbox isn’t bad but it breaks my brain. You know when you’ve done something in a certain way for so long and your brain doesn’t like the new way (like Metro on Windows 8). Some of the interface enhancements and extra features would be good in Gmail though.

    Phill Edwards

    Yeah I’m not sure I like it. I can’t be sure I’ve seen all the emails I want to see.