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Now that OxygenOS has finally shipped for OnePlus One owners, the focus has of course turned to when Cyanogen will ship the CM12S update for the OnePlus One. Cyanogen himself in the comments on a Google+ post, has advised that the update is still in certification but they’re hoping to have it ready to ship in a day or two.

The update to CM12S will ship when it’s ready – that’s always been the case with CM updates, the old ‘Don’t Ask’ when referring to updates has of course been ignored but it’s still a thing when dealing with CyanogenMod. Luckily in this new corporate world, Steve Kondik has actually responded in comments and it’s a fairly good response.

When asked what’s happening, Steve replied lightly, before getting a bit more serious :

The truth is that we’re just drunk and lazy. Seriously though, a new test suite came out because of MR1 literally the same day as we submitted, and so we had to redo the whole process with the new one.

Before responding more matter of factly:

It’s just as frustrating for us because we are in scramble mode and really want to ship our hard work. Hopefully we’ll get the signoff in the next day or two. We’ll immediately send the OTA as soon as we get that email 🙂

The OTA itself will be a full image that will convert everyone over to the new block-based format from Android 5.0 to allow developers like CM to update the partition format of the device.

This OTA will actually be a full image instead of an incremental so that we convert everyone to the new block-based format. So no problem there.

On the update process, and providing a full system ROM to flash instead of an OTA for users coming from OxygenOS he advised:

we usually send the OTA in batches and watch our systems for any weird logs at first. Since a lot of users make changes that we can’t always predict, we have to make sure things aren’t breaking. For example, we just learned that the recovery they (Oxygen) are installing (some TWRP version) often fails to flash all of the baseband images, bricking tons of devices to EDL mode when they try and return to CM. We have a setup that I’m comfortable with my Mom using, but there’s no real way to accommodate for arbitrary mods of the stock ROM.

So, the end result is that CM12S is coming – we knew that – but we know it’s coming soon. Just have to wait for the certification and it will ship out.

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I don’t need CM12s update. I have already installed Rajni OS on my one plus one.


How do you know its comming out this evening?

steve kondik

cm12s is coming this evening


How do you know its comming out this evening? Since it would have been march already right?

Steve Kondik

because im Steve Kondik, isn’t enough?


Nice troll


cm12s now please!

David Bugyi

Or three or four or five…. (days) 😉

Simon Adam

been running Uber CM-12.1—ONEPLUS [AK Kernel] [GCC 4.8 & 4.9] by RobbieL811on my oneplus for a while now
im in no real rush for 12S as this rom is great, great battery life and very stable with no issues at all
didnt bother with oxygen

Jehan Kateli

I still don’t see why it took 5 months to release a build that’s so close to stock Android.

Alberto Klocker

Cyanogen is not a person.

The old “dont ask” applies to CyanogenMod, the community release. CM12S is Cyanogen Inc and people are damn well entitles to ask considering they have missed two dead lines set by themselves.

Arbitrarily posting in the comments of a random Google+ post about hiring is not keeping anyone up to date.

And if the community version is a reference to the state of CM12S it wont be passing certification due to a number of issues still being worked on.


Cyanogen is the XDA Developers and Twitter handle of Steve Kondik.

Alberto Klocker

But irrelevant in this context.

Daniel Tyson

Alberto – Steve Kondik IS Cyanogen he’s also the lead developer at Cyanogen Inc. He’s also been quoted many times saying ‘Don’t Ask’ about updates even about the 11S and 12S for the OnePlus.

i.e completely relevant.

Alberto Klocker

What’s the title of this article and the name Steve used to reply on the google plus post?


Alberto: You’re an idiot and a troll and I hope you’re banned from further comments.

Cyanogen is Steve Kondik and if you can’t equate his answers on the Google Plus post to what’s in this article you’re just beyond help.

Daniel, do you have any way to find out where in the certification process their update is?

Alberto Klocker

I’m impressed by how much work he has done on his own. Those thousands of commits and devices supported all these years.

James Thompson

With the words “Cyanogen” printed on the backs of most OnePlus One devices, I remain curious as to why there was the idea of OxygenOS in the first place…

Veer Maharaj

Actually my new month old oneplus has no cyanogen logo on it. I guess after the India issue, they decided not to make any permanent branding decision with cyanogen and have hedged their bets just in case they for some reason need to update phones and Cyanogen is no longer available to them in some region or another, they can update their users to Oxygen which is good from a security standpoint. You wont get all the features but you will have the newest version of Android through Oxygen.


I expect the whole India thing lead to a good number of “F You” emails back and forth. I don’t think One Plus will go anywhere near Cyanogen ever again.

A simple straight Android makes the next One Plus phone a whole lot more attractive.

Harold Asmis

Well, if CM weren’t totally crazy, we wouldn’t have needed the new O2 stuff. Can’t wait for his next thing!


To late, giving oxygen a try


Interesting oxygen is “they”…. Such a divide… It is a bad oversight by OnePlus regarding the recovery though wrt oxygen