Moto 360 Gen 2
Motorola was the maker of the original circular Android Wear watch. It’s also to a lot of people the most stylish watch yet, but that flat-tyre look is one hurdle that many customers can’t surmount when they see the watch in person. It looks like Motorola will be addressing that shortfall in the next version of the watch, at least according to the above render which showed up on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

The fully utilised screen is something many people have wanted from the Moto 360 since it was first shown off at the announcement of Android Wear. The ‘flat-tyre’ of the Moto 360 is of course where Motorola have the ambient light sensor and screen drivers require to keep the bezel of the watch so slim. With this new render it appears that Motorola may have solved this.

The render comes with the caption 分辨率360*360=360平方 (Resolution 360 * 360 = 360 square ). The current Moto 360 comes with a 1.56″ screen, which if the same size is retained would make for a screen with 326.36PPI – a step higher than the current champion the Huawei Watch which has a pixel density of 286PPI.

No announcements have been made as yet, though Rick Osterloh, CEO of Motorola did say that Motorola was looking at a yearly product cycle for their devices. The original Moto 360 was launched in the US in September last year so we’re still a ways off an announcement if this is the case.

Source: Weibo.
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I don’t think this is it. The other photos had a case with integrated lugs and a ‘dial’ at the 2 o’clock position.


Renders of the FIRST Moto 360 had a circle display as well, no flat tyre to be seen. So I’ll wait until the REAL HW starts shipping and we see what it has. Renders are easy, shipping real HW is different.


I wont be upgrading my 360 unless battery life is 18 hours with 15% left with ambient on (or even better always on dimmed screen).
i did like the previous briefcase leak where the button was moved to the 130 position, that would actually be better.


at the 530ish mark there is a dark spot, i wonder if that’s part of the watch face or if its a tiny area for the light sensor?