Galaxy S6 Edge
The latest Samsung flagship phone has been laid bare on the test bench over at iFixit and after being torn down to bare parts, the phone has been assessed by the team. The phone, while unique to look at, is not great in terms of repairability.

There is some good news for would be home-repairers with iFixit advising that the modular nature of the components means they can be replaced independently. There’s also been improvements over the design of the Galaxy S5, with the display no longer required to be removed to access internal components of the phone, meaning replacing the motherboard is now easier.

The rest of the news is not so great. The phone has quite a few issues including:

  • Front and back glass make for double the crackability, and strong adhesive on the rear glass makes it very difficult to gain entry into the device.
  • The battery is very tightly adhered to the back of the display, and buried beneath the midframe and motherboard.
  • Replacing the glass without destroying the display is going to be very difficult.

Overall, the phone gets a 3 out of 10 for repairability, which is pretty low, even compared to the Galaxy S5. However the Galaxy S6 Edge is a new design so it will most likely improve over time by the time a Galaxy S7 Edge arrives – if it does. In the meantime if you’re picking up a Galaxy S6 Edge this Friday – Don’t drop it or perform your own bend test on it.

Source: iFixit.
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Boys and girls, we have entered the era of throw away electronics about 20 years ago… what were you doing all this time? Sleeping?

Sujay Vilash

Rating is bad but not as bad as the M9’s.