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Instagram has been the application of choice for aspiring photographers for a long time. While there’s any number of applications that can add filters, or share your latest artistic photo, Instagram has so far stood the test of time and remains the pinnacle. Part of their ability to stay on top has been adding more features that are useful to their users and today there’s some more, and what’s more, they’re coming to Android first.

Instagram added new filters to the app last year, and today two new tools are being added to the app – ‘Color’ and ‘Fade’.

The new Color tool allows you to ‘choose from yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan or green to add a colorful flair to the moments you share’. Effectively it lets you add a colour highlight to a shadow or background to enhance your photo.

Fade allows you to effectively soften the tones in your photos. It creates a softened look to any pictures you want to and it seems to age them, or at least give the appearance of being taken on an old camera.

The last update is post notifications. The latest update will allow you to receive a notification if someone you follow updates their Instagram feed. For mad Instagram fanatics it’s a way to see the latest from your favourite Instagram photographer as soon as possible.

The big news on this update is that the update is now available for Android, with iOS users having to wait a few days for the update to roll out to them. If you have Instagram installed you should receive a notification to update, if you don’t have Instagram installed, you can check it out on Google Play.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Source: Instagram.
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    Geoffrey D'Unienville

    bout time instagram finally introducing some of the editing features that make apps like VCSO so popular with photographers (and tweens alike), now if only the rest of their editing tools could be brought upto par,