Samsung 2With the arrival of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge due this Friday, accessory retailers (including Ausdroid) are getting ready with an onslaught of cases, chargers, car cradles and more ready for a demanding public.

What we’d like to know, though, is how many of you will be getting a Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge this Friday, or in the coming days after. There’s some strong competition out there — Dan is reviewing the HTC One (M9) and will have it ready fairly soon, and we’ll soon be off to Singapore to witness the launch of the LG G4, which also promises to be a stellar handset.

Which way will your dollars be going? Dropping them on a new Samsung phone? On a carrier contract or outright?

Let us know on the poll below! Got something else to say? Let us know in the comments!

We’ll hopefully have a Galaxy S6 device to review in coming days, so if you’re not convinced yet, hold off for a short while and Ausdroid will be reviewing one for you to help you decide.

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Picking up an S6 tomorrow from the Samsung store. 32GB Black. Can’t wait to take some photos with it.


Picked up an HTC m9 two weeks ago, very happy with it. Originally intended on replacing it with whatever the next nexus is if its around 5 inches, but I like this phone a lot so may stick with it for a year. I was originally impressed with the specs of the S6 but we have come to a point where raw power isn’t that much of an issue anymore, in hand feel, design and construction are what matter to me. And a heads up to anyone thinking about the m9, the camera hardware is good however the shots are… Read more »


Nope. Stock android and timely updates are way to important to me. Wish there where more stock android devices to choose from though and some with premium attribute. Have a Nexus 5 today which I like a lot but it is very generic looking. A Google Play edition of the Samsung S6 might have caught my interest (it might be too big for my preferences).


What would be good would be if the manufacturers made stock Google Android ROMs available for all their devices.
Buy factory standard, but gives the purchaser the ability to easily go vanilla if they want.

To me that seems a win win.


I could not agree more. There have been quite a few devices that I have opted out just because the lack of a vanilla option. It is such a lose lose situation for the manufacturers and the consumers.


Waiting for the note 5 here. Still rocking my Xperia z

Paul Smedley

I’m undecided…. I’m mostly happy with my Nexus 5, but I don’t remember the last time I had a handset for 18 months so I’m getting itchy feet 🙂 Considering a Galaxy S6, but most likely will wait until the G4 is announced and have a look at the price/specs.


I was in the same boat as you but after seeing the G4 specs (processor may be sub-par for a flagship) I did some more research on the S6 and it’s one slick phone. The only thing I was concerned about was the crappy TouchWiz interface but this got massively improved for the S6. I put my preorder in…


Just install a different launcher like Nova and set it up how you want. That’s what I’ll be doing as soon as my S6 arrives Friday.


That actually makes me wonder, how nicely do third party launchers play with the Samsung Galaxy Edge series of devices?
Do the third party launchers simply overwrite the screenestate of the Edge, or is it still usable?


Still usable according to users on XDA. The edge controls force themselves to overlay over 3rd party launchers.


I’m gonna give the new TouchWiz a fair go before deciding. TBH the new version looks much, much cleaner and clearer than previous version. Apparently no lag now too. We shall see…