When Google updated their Calendar app in November, they took out a few very well loved pieces of functionality including the week view, and the Month view. In February, Google finally relented and returned the week view and today the Month view is making a comeback.

Google has relented, saying they are updating based on user feedback, which from the feedback we’ve heard must have been quite emphatic. According to Google, the new update bringing the Month view back will hit Android phones over the next few days. The month view lets you view all the scheduled events in your month, also allowing you to tap on events or days for a closer look at the agenda.


If you’re a Google Calendar user, you’ll be prompted to update on your phone shortly. If you haven’t tried out Google Calendar you can download it for free from Google Play.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Apps blog.
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Can someone explain why my post was moderated/removed so I may attempt to not make same mistake again?


The usual reason for a post being hidden is you included a URL in it.

Best idea is ask the mods what happened, on G+, or one of the other social nyetworking sites.


There was no url


Not sure if I can be bothered to make the switch back. Using the LG default calendar month view which is pretty good already.


Thank godddddddddddd!!!!

Been using the old app for so long!

I really don’t understand why this took so long.

Phill Edwards

Or why they took it away on the first place.


They just focused too much on making the app look pretty rather than functional. :/

Whatever, happy now though.


Why not link to apk mirror?


Because its unnecessary, the update will be here soon (I already got it). You realise that you’re asking Ausdroid to promote a competitors site?


Last time I checked apk mirror was not an Australia centric android news site