LG Watch Urbane
LG’s next smartwatch, the Urbane looks set to be a real style piece as opposed to the basic G Watch and the more sporty G Watch R. To set the scene for the variety of different styles available for the LG Watch Urbane, LG has released a ‘lookbook’ video to show them all off.

LG will offer two bands based on the chasis colour of the LG Watch Urbane, a brown strap with the Gold metal body, while the silver metal body will ship with a black strap as standard. But it looks like the 22mm band on the watch will offer owners a lot more choice when it comes down to the final look. Check out the video to see how it will look:

LG Australia has already been teasing the LG Watch Urbane, putting the promo video for the watch up on their YouTube channel, but so far they haven’t announced a release date or price. Our appetites are whet, and now we’d love to hear more about this great looking watch.

Source: LG YouTube.
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Nice looking watch, seems a bit large though. Is this the watch that doesn’t run Wear, or am I thinking of another?


The only ones I know of not running AW, from the major Android phone manufacturers, are all from Samsung.


‘LG Watch Urbane’ (the one referred to above) runs Android Wear. ‘LG Watch Urbane LTE’ runs its own custom software and can operate independently of a phone. LTE version is a bit chunkier and has three buttons on the side instead of the single button on the Android Wear version.