+ Saturday October 19th, 2019

The Sony Xperia Z4 might not be the only Sony smartphone that’s coming up, though the rumours are certainly getting tongues wagging. Pictured above is a different phone, said to be Sony’s upcoming Xperia C4, aka the Cosmos. We don’t know much more about the specs, but we know from what we see that it’s a nice looking phone, with thin bezels and a great big front facing camera.

We’ve seen a previous leak (though we didn’t report on it at the time) indicating some possible specs for the Xperia C4 Cosmos, including its model number E5306, testing with 27.x software, Type Number PM-0860-BV, and MediaTek MT6752 as processor.

With a MediaTek processor and the C4 model number, this phone is clearly not of the same line as the flagship Z series, and it may see a limited release as a more mid-range or economy phone in some markets. It’s plausible that it may be limited to the Asia region as well, but that’s just speculation.

The images come via Upleaks, which as a growing reputation of getting things fairly right, so while we won’t know anything official until Sony starts talking, it certainly looks pretty good for the moment.

Source: Upleaks on Twitter.

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Chris Rowland

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