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Mobile video streaming service Stan has updated their Android app overnight adding in some new devices making compatability a little better at the top end of the spectrum.

The Android app now supports all the HTC One flagships, as well as handsets and tablets from LG and Sony. The full list of devices added in the updated is included in the ‘What’s New’ section of Google Play:

We now provide support for the following devices if running Android 4.3 or above:
* Sony Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3 range of phones and tablets
* HTC models including One M7, M8, M9 and Desire
* LG models including LG G2, LG Optimus L7II
* Improvements to playback especially over 3G and 4G networks
* Playing Stan on the Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0.X is now supported.

This new list of devices comes hot on the heels of the release of Netflix in Australia, which supports possibly the broadest selection of Android and other devices of any video streaming service. The complete list of devices supported by Stan is now fairly large, but still needs to grow.

The Stan app requires Android 4.2 and above on the devices it’s been certified on, but won’t support devices with Intel chipsets. The full list of devices supported by Stan is listed in the help section on their website.

If you haven’t tried out Stan yet, you can try a one month free trial on the service before signing up for $9.99 per month. Head on over to Google Play to grab the app, or hit the Stan website for more information on the service.

Price: To be announced

Source: Google PlayStan.
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    Darren Ferguson

    I’ll be sticking with Netflix. Super happy with it. I also think they will have a better catalogue in the long term due to their global leverage and probably more customers due to better brand awareness.


    What gets me about all these streaming services is that you can’t tell what their catalog is before you sign up. So far I’ve had a look on both Netflix and Stan websites and there is no ability to browse their catalog before you sign up – for me, there are certain tv shows predominantly that I want to watch – if they don’t have those, or indeed don’t have the current seasons, then there is no point me signing up. I find it frustrating having to sign up just to find out they don’t have what I want –… Read more »


    Liked Stan when I had the trial. Although was only using the PC version.

    Now that it works for my Z3, might use it again to get my Saul and Community fix! 😛

    Let’s see how it holds up next to Netflix now!

    Avon Perera

    Better Call Saul is pretty great. Got the same addictive qualities as BB did and Bob Odenkirk is great at his stuff.


    I had it for a month and on my N5, it was ok just barely. I am sticking to netflix. As to your ISP and unmetered data, just increase your plan allowance. I have 100GB a month in peak hour and using netflix and stan I got close to using it all. Unless you are downloading 4k video the allowances and prices available today can easily cover your needs. If you are streaming you are downloading pirated material a lot less so it evens out. I can pay $5 more a month to move to 500GB or pay 30 a… Read more »


    “Just increase your plan allowance” is not worth the hassle when sharing a connection with two housemates.

    Pirated content is usually lower in quality, therefore data consumption as well (allegedly)

    Darren Ferguson

    Only lower in quality if you want. Most stuff comes in 720p now.


    I know, that’s not the point


    I would like to try Stan, but with my ISP (internode) only offering unmetered content with Netflix, it’s just not viable