Android Wear Specialized

Google is readying to add iOS support to Android Wear, according to an anonymous source that spoke with The Verge. The timing is highly coincidental (given that today is the iWatch launch day), and probably quite a happy coincidence if you’re Google; those who find the iWatch a bit too garish might rejoice in iOS compatibility with a wider range of smartwatches.

From what we know, Android Wear for iOS will plug into Google’s apps and services to operate in a similar (but not the same) fashion as it does on Android. Included will be Google Now cards, voice search, and reply functionality for Gmail. App notifications from 3rd parties will also be pulled in via the Android Wear companion app (in a similar way to how Pebble works, I’d imagine).

It will be interesting to see how Android Wear goes with iOS; unlike Pebble which is seen as a stand-alone platform, Android Wear is very much Android. One wonders whether Apple will allow Google onto their platform at all, and if so, whether the experience will be as feature-rich as it is when paired with an Android device.

Of course, neither Google nor Apple are talking about the rumours, but time will tell.



Source: The Verge.


  1. It’s a good way to make wear more popular like pebble, that’s when apps increase. Just make it for win10 too. Go google