What we’re looking at could just be the LG G4, said to be unveiled in a couple of weeks in simultaneous world-wide launches. We’ve seen hints at what the G4 could be, but according to this leak, this is what the G4 is.

However, it doesn’t sound entirely legit, or at least intended for public consumption (yet). Here’s why.

The details come from a supposedly-official micro-site set up to promote the LG G4. However, the specifications seem to be a mix of what’s been rumoured about the G4, mixed in with specs closer to that of the G3.

What we know is that we’re looking at a 5.5″ display – with confirmed QHD resolution – based on an IPS Quantum panel. Camera-wise, we know LG have discussed a 16-megapixel rear camera (which has also been reported fairly widely), and the f/1.8 lens isn’t too surprising.

Where’s the giveaway? Probably that the phone is listed as running Android 4.4.2. I can’t imagine that anyone who’s rational and sane would consider LG would release a flagship phone in 2015 running such a platform, throwing the credibility of the micro-site into some question.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.13.09 amThere’s also the ‘Reviews’ tab, which looks highly questionable. If anything, this micro-site is something that might be in the works (if its official) and it’s by no means finished.


Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.11.46 amThe pictures, though, look quite nice even if some of the styles are not to my taste — that leather back is a pile of unappealing.

We’ll soon know, as Ausdroid is flying to Singapore to attend the launch on the 28th. We’ll bring you what we can as soon as we can, to be followed by a full review once we’ve had the opportunity to put the LG G4 through its paces.

Source: LG G4 Micro-site.
Via: @Evleaks.
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Andrew White

So the image suggests that there will be be 6 leather colour options and 3 of the brushed pastic options. My question is what outlet either retail or on-line will carry all? An 808 hexacore processor is a given. A 16mp rear camera is likely with an 8mp front camera widely talked about. A lollipop android O/S is certain , but which verson? 3 or 4 GB of ram. Samsung uses DDR4 (super fast) …hopefully LG will step up. Where LG wins out in part is the fact that there still is an SD card slot, you have a removable… Read more »


My eyes! Why would they do this? Even Samsung quietly swept the stitched leather thing under the rug and those were in neutral colours like white or black. This is just… yuk. The leather back Moto X’es are not-so-coincidentally, also the ones that age least well.


I kinda like it actually.

vijay alapati

If this is less than $500 , i might think….. Seen s6 @Melbourne central….. Edge screen is really small compared to note edge


thats it, I think I’m calling it, I’m a hypocrite,. because if Sony doesn’t release something good, and this pans out (processor, camera ect) I may be getting a 5.5″ QHD phone.

Iain Simmons

Don’t feel bad, I’m sure we’ll all be forced to get bigger phones eventually (assuming we still want flagship features).

It seems like the best thing these days is not to use words like ‘always’ and ‘never’.