Office for Android

Microsoft have quietly given Android and Windows Phone (who??) users an app that allows you to remote control the Microsoft Office programs Powerpoint, Excel and Word for presentations. The primary use for the app will no doubt be for those who use Powerpoint for presentations regularly but will have further applications in Word and Excel.

Using Bluetooth to connect to your laptop or PC the app allows you to advance or go back slides, check your slide notes, play and pause embedded media as well as keeping the presentation timer on screen which is critical in some business presentation cases.

The functionality in Excel and Word is somewhat more limited, basic scrolling and zoom as well as switching between worksheets (in Excel) for anyone who is making presentations of financial or other documents.

To make use of the app you’ll need to have a Bluetooth enabled PC, Office 2013 installed on your machine as well as installing the Microsoft Remote Control addin for Office 2013.

If you’re in the position to make presentations regularly, will this app be of use to you; or would an Android Wear app be of more use?

Source: Trove.
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    Nick Fletcher

    I just tested this out – it’s fantastic! The android app is really well done, steps you through everything nicely. I only tested with a powerpoint presentation, the laser pointer is a nice touch 🙂
    Note – if you have the “Enable editing” button on your document, you should click it before trying to remote control your preso – you’ll miss some functionality