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Xiaomi i is coming

One of the quiet achievers in the Android space over the last couple of years is undoubtedly Xiaomi. They’ve gone from a nobody mixing among the other cheap manufacturers but with the addition of former Google VP Hugo Barra in 2013 they began to make a name for themselves. Not trying to kid themselves (or anyone else) they’ve done an impressive job of building the name, their product range and reputation without raising their prices to the level of the Android market leaders Samsung.

Xiaomi have sent out invitations as well as updating their front page with a teaser; “i is coming”, to an event in New Deli, India on Thursday the 23rd of April. Perhaps an attempt to steal some of the spotlight from LG with the event only 5 days before LG are set to launch the G4. Very little is known about the event, the expectation is that a new Mi Smartphone will be launched with both the company’s CEO Bin Lin and VP of Xiaomi Global Hugo Barra to be in attendance.

As always Ausdroid will stay on top of the news as it emerges to ensure that you know what’s happening in the world of Android.

What would Xiaomi need to do with their device to challenge the big names in Android; Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony?

Source: Xiaomi.

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