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Google’s Smart Lock options in Lollipop are expanding rapidly, with Google already adding Trusted Places, and then more recently ‘On-Body Detection’ to the list since the latest version of the OS launched back in October. Google is apparently starting to roll another option out – Trusted Voice.

According to a number of users who’ve contacted Android Police, the Smart Lock section under Security in the Settings menu is now showing ‘Trusted Voice’ as an option. The new option allows users to use the ‘Ok Google’ phrase to unlock their phone ‘when the sound matches the voice model’.

Google warns in the settings that this isn’t as secure as other options available, but then the Smart Lock options to us have always been about convenience when your phone is in your immediate vicinity.

The update hasn’t hit our devices as yet, but it looks like it’s coming. Have you gotten the option in your Smart Lock section yet?

Via: Android Police.
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    I just want a smart unlock with WiFi. The trusted places don’t seem to work for my Nexus 6.

    Darren Ferguson

    I believe you can do this with Tasker.

    Will Dutton

    smart wifi toggler will do this for you

    Frankie Chan

    Yes. Trusted locations did work on my N6 out of the box. Then it stopped working and I have no idea why. I really want it back – or trusted wifi to be activated.


    AFAIK – There is a bug in Google Play Services, and it prevents the “Home” location of the Trusted places from working correctly.
    Every trusted Place works for me, except for the “Home” location.


    Same. I actually entered next door’s address as a trusted location and that seems to work. Trusted wifi should be a no-brainer though.


    OMG, why did I not think of this!
    Thanks mate!

    Martin Dolan

    Same here.
    I’m using Smart Unlock from the play store for now, it plays nice with the other standard options from google (a lot of them don’t as they cause weird conflicts, dont work with Lollipop etc etc.)
    I think Smart Unlock has more options than just wifi, but i’m only using that feature so I don’t get conflicts as mentioned above.
    FYI im running the Chroma custom rom / 5.1