The Samsung Galaxy S6 is throwing down the challenge as the flagship to knock off its perch this year, and as one of the more popular handsets on the market, it’s more likely than others to receive a lot of support from the modding community as well, just as previous Samsung Galaxies have before it. Mere days after launch, the team behind Team Win Recovery Project have delivered their custom recovery ready for the Galaxy S6. The download link to get on it is here.

It’s worth noting that this release was tested on the US variants of the Galaxy S6, so the results with an Australian device are somewhat less certain. We would strongly suggest having a backup option available to you before trying this; a stock recovery image is probably a good idea, and if you’ve already rooted your Galaxy S6 using our tutorial the other day, there are plenty of tutorials available to allow you to back up the stock recovery before playing with it.

Why install TWRP? For those who don’t know, it allows you to readily back-up and restore your Galaxy S6 when experimenting with different ROMs, as well as flashing custom ROMs via ZIP file downloaded from places like XDA Developers and others. The first custom ROMs surely can’t be far away, and with a custom recovery in place, you’ll be in prime position to explore them at your whim.

Installing is easy; if you’re already rooted, then you need only download the TWRP Manager app from the Play Store. If you’re not rooted yet, you can use Odin to flash the recovery directly, using the same process as we outlined in our root tutorial. Either way, the TWRP download page has all the info you need.

TWRP Manager  (Requires ROOT)
TWRP Manager  (Requires ROOT)

Let us know how you go with TWRP Custom Recovery!

Source: TWRP.
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Matt Luczynski

Tried flashing it this arvo. Soft bricked the phone. Lol.


That didn’t take long!