google play music deauthorise

One of the downsides to reviewing a large number of phones, and doing it properly, is that you try out all your day-to-day services on those review devices. Usually, this is a good thing — it gives you, the reader, a great insight as to how a phone might work in your daily life.

The downside, though, is authorisation limits such as those imposed by Foxtel Go and Google Play Music. Google Play Music allows you to listen to your music through any web-browser, and on up to 10 devices, including tablets and smartphones. Once you hit that 10 device limit, though, you’re in a bit of a pickle. You need to deauthorise some of those devices that you might no longer use, and here’s the catch: you can only do it four times per year.

If you go through too many phones, then you can’t enjoy Google Play Music anymore.

Or can’t you? It seems there is actually a way to fix this, and it comes down to Google being rather friendly and helpful.

I found out today that Google Play Customer Service (reachable in Australia on 1800 093 181) are actually quite familiar with the issue (and they’ve heard of Ausdroid, too) and were only too happy to wipe out my authorised devices so I could establish some more. The chap I spoke to said that Google doesn’t encourage users to request this too frequently, because they ‘offer it as a courtesy only’, but the option is there if somehow you end up against a wall and want to enjoy your tunes.

So here’s to you, Roy from Google Play Customer Service. Thanks a bunch!

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    You were lucky I think Chris. I had the same issue, plus it used to register a different device each time I flashed a different rom. I rang google and got an American sounding Indian who knew nothing about Ausdroid nor about any limit and told me it was too bad and there is a reason for this limit. I had to speak to a supervisor who gave me a hard time again and still knew nothing about Ausdroid. Eventually they did reset my devices but it sure as hell wasn’t easy. The thing is it shouldn’t matter if I… Read more »

    vijay alapati

    this a solution back in 2014.


    A courtesy service? What a load of rubbish.

    Whilst I can understand the reasons for having a limit on the number of active devices that can be used at any one time, I really do not understand why there should be any restriction on the number of times that list of devices can be changed, especially when it’s such a small number of users that would ever actually reach these limits.

    Artem Russakovskii

    This has been the only known solution pretty much since the limitation was discovered. Pretty sad that we have to jump through hoops like that.


    I *just* called google to request some flexibility about 10 minutes ago. How bizarre. I received a callback from the American part but they were still able to help. They stressed that this was a ‘one off courtesy’. I hit this issue as I had reformatted my PC a number of times and accidentally used up too many authorisations.