If you’ve just received a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, there’s a good change you’re looking for accessories. There’s an even better chance that you’ve found accessories rather hard to come by, especially if you’ve been looking in retail stores.

The good news is that the Ausdroid Shop is fully stocked with Galaxy S6 Edge accessories, including a range of cases, screen protectors and wireless chargers — everything you need to look after your new phone, keep it looking stylish, and to keep it going.

We’ve selected some of the most popular and done a quick walkthrough of each so that you can decide which case might be best for you. So without further ado, please enjoy our quick video reviews of each of the cases we’ve listed below:

Orzly FlexiSlim case

The Orzly FlexiSlim case for the S6 Edge is a slim, lightweight gel case which offers reasonable protection without adding to the bulk of your phone, and it does so at a low cost. It maintains the aesthetic of the S6 Edge while offering protection against scratches, knocks and the like.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $13.45

Orzly FlexiCase

The Orzly FlexiCase for the S6 Edge is the next step up, offering a slightly thicker gel case with a dark smoke tint. It adds a little bit more protection, and a gloss look while still closely fitting the Edge style.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $13.45

Orzly Invisi Hard case

The Orzly Invisi Hard case for the S6 Edge is a crystal, rigid case which offers a higher level of protection still, without taking away from the colour or style of your phone. Being a rigid case, it’s a little bit harder to fit to the Edge, but once fitted, it offers a greater degree of protection (particularly against drops) without adding anything much by way of bulk to the phone.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $13.45

Orzly Fusion Bumper

The Orzly Fusion Bumper offers a combination of hard case with a nice grippy rubber edge, offering the best of both worlds in terms of protection. A rigid rear plastic to guard against scratches and bumps, and a rubber edge to help if you manage to drop the S6 for a bit of cushioning.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $24.95

Orzly Multi-function Wallet

Last but not least is the Orzly Multi-function Wallet, combining the style of a premium leather case with the utility of keeping your cards and cash secure with your new phone. A magnetic clip keeps the phone secure, while allowing access to the charging port, headphone jack and power button. A true class-leading option.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $22.95