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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one feature-packed little beast, and one of the most welcome inclusions is wireless charging powered by Qi. As we’ve discovered, the battery life on the S6 Edge isn’t exactly ideal, but wireless charging offsets that and makes keeping your Edge charged and ready to go that much easier.

Wireless chargers can be a little tricky to find if you go shopping in retail stores, but fortunately for you guys, we’ve got a good range of them stocked on the Ausdroid Shop with overnight shipping available. So, panic no more, check out our range below, and you’ll find your needs readily met!

Nillkin Magic Disk Qi Wireless Charger


For just $39.95, the Nillkin Magic Disk for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a Qi Wireless charging pad featuring a minimal design, LED indicator and 1Amp power input. Say goodbye to traditional tethering. It’s time to unplug and charge!

Ideal for your bedside table, your desk, or anywhere else you spend some time, the Nillkin Magic Disk will keep your S6 Edge charged and ready for your next foray outdoors.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $39.95.

Qi Wireless Charger Stand


The Qi Wireless Charging Stand for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a desktop charger with 3 coils, 1.5A power output for a higher efficient inductive charge. The angled display makes it easy to see what’s happening on your phone without removing it from the charge, and the charge icon on the front makes it easy to see that the phone is in the right place.

Available today on the Ausdroid Shop for $59.95.

Qi Portable Wireless Charger Power Bank (7000mAh)


The Qi Wireless Charger is a portable inductive charging pad with a built-in 7000mAh Power Bank. Available in black, its small, compact and sleek design makes it the perfect accessory for Wireless Charging enthusiasts (and the rest of us geeks too!!) who are always on the go. Chuck it in your band with a rubber band, and if you need to, you can throw your S6 in the bag too and give it a charge while you’re commuting to your next destination.

Available on the Ausdroid Shop today for $49.95.


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The specs for the Qi Wireless Charger output (phone charging capability) say it’s only 5V 1A output, it’s the INPUT to the charger thats 1.5A.


Hi Chris. I’m really keen to find out if the S6 actually runs Google Maps / other navigation apps (like Here) while being charged via a wireless charger. I read a comment in a review that the phone functionality is limited to basic apps during wireless charging (assuming due to potential heat and signal issues) and this is very important as I’m considering getting one of the wireless charger car holders from the Ausdroid shop. If you can shed some light onto this it would be great.


You made my day
LOL :v


I’m not an fan of wireless charging. I personally use docks, which charge faster, use less power doing so and aren’t going to get knocked over. I’d rather they research better batteries and less power consumption than something that’s going to only shave off mere milliseconds off of ones daily routine for the sake of convenience.

Peter Massey

I’m completely the opposite to you, I pick up my phone a lot during the day at work and the port on my Nexus 5 is already looking a bit worn just from being plugged in once a day at night. Doing it 20+ times a day would kill it.

I love wireless charging – I just want to get one where the surface of the charger isn’t so slippery! But that’s what you get when you get $8 eBay specials (which are still going strong 18mths later).


Yeah I can see it would be more useful for heavy phone call users. My phone stays docked while at work unless I take a call which isn’t that often during the day as I have my office phone. While docked I use Sidesync to connect to my phone from my PC to do everything else (mostly txt).


Personally I believe my Ingress and podcast listening drains my battery quickly and constant charging has definitely taken it’s toll on the USB port which commonly won’t charge unless I’ve wriggled the cable ‘just so’. Wireless charging options for my next phone interest me greatly.