Android 5.0 Lollipop has arrived for owners of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, although at this stage it appears to be limited to those who bought the handset outright from Sony Experience stores or the like. Former Ausdroid writer Michaela got in touch with us to let us know about the update, and was kind enough to take some screenshots to show us what the new update looks like.

Unlike previous OTA updates for Sony’s handsets, the Xperia Z3 Compact update to Lollipop required a PC to download the new software and apply it to the handset, though the process was reportedly easy and fast enough for it not to be an issue.

Anyhow, take a look at how Lollipop looks on Sony’s baby flagship, and let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update as yet:

Now we just have to wait for the update to pass carrier certification, and for the bigger brother Xperia Z3 to receive the same update and carrier certification. It might be a little wait yet.

Thanks: Ausdroid alumna Michaela.
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Generally loving it, but the data usage screen seems to have vanished. I’ve depended on this ever since it appeared in Jellybean and it’s a backwards step to take it away again.

Sarah Louise

I updated mine with out a computer :/ but i am now having issues with my camera when i open its black! ive restarted my phone took sim out put back in but its still not working. I use the camera for my job and now its effecting my work, can anyone help 🙁


Quick question. Do you need to have particular branding and version when creating the FTF for Z3 customized?


They’re only text fields which are saved into the FTF and they’re of no real consequence if you’re not sharing the file with anyone else. Just leave ’em blank.


Thanks Chris.

Alaisdair Dewar

Can anyone help? I only have a MAC and can’t find how to download the flash and xperiafirm software for Mac 🙁


Flashtool is available for Mac natively; Xperiafirm runs under Windows and you’ll need to install it on a Windows instance under Parallels or Virtualbox or similar.

Alaisdair Dewar

so cant wait to flash this tonight! thanks for the heads up guys!


Battery on new update doesn’t seem to be as good as before, goes from a charge lasting 2 days to only 1 now.


I checked my Z2 for software and got update via pc.


No updates so far in Brazil. Updated my Z3 Compact today using flashtool. Running perfect.


Got update in india


Anyone have a date for the Singapore released Z3 compact version getting the lollipop update?


the same BS evry day.


Haha! Just a note: Tap to Wake and ICE info on lock screen = Pocket dialing your parents and leaving a 5 minute voicemail message! I’d turn the Tap to Wake off.

Max Luong

At least with the Lollipop update, the tap-to-wake goes to lockscreen rather than straight to desktop when using Smart Lock…

My phone would always do crazy things in my pocket before the update.


downloading generic AU FW 23.1.A.0.726 for Z3 right now! 🙂


same here (using Sony PC companion) !


I couldnt use PC companion as I have Telstra phone … So I used flashtool to flash the generic one….bonus is no longer have the annoying Telstra boot animation! 😉


Yeah I too had flashed the generic KitKat firmware on my bought-outright-but-telstra-branded-Z3 a couple of weeks ago and that’s probably why I got the lollipop update via Sony PC Companion this morning.

Chris Spencer

Hi there. Could you please post as link to how you flashed this? I have a Telstra z3 I purchased outright and love to flash the new lollipop but have a mound of fear!!?


Chris the easiest way to grab firmwares that your phone might not recognise is to use a combination of tools: (a) XperiaFirm to download the firmware for a compatible device (e.g. unbranded or another carrier), (b) Flashtool to flash it to your Xperia and (c) an insane amount of courage.

The last bit is optional. Flashing the Z3 is actually really easy.

Chris Spencer

Cheers mate. I think I shall try ! Downloading software now!


Hope it works well, Chris


There’s an extra step, and it takes ages — you’ve got to use FlashTool to convert the downloaded files to an FTF, which you can then flash. Pain 😐

Chris Spencer

Just about to attempt to create file…unpacking firmware as we speak…


good luck mate!!
now… once you have done that.. .. you will start to wonder what else you can do…. then you get to decide whether or not to jump down the rabbit hole into the world of rooting / flashing custom ROMs and all sorts of other goodies… it’s a slippery slope my friend!! 🙂

Max Luong

Make sure not to include the .ts files when creating the FTF.


Thanks Chris. What branding and version do we put in for Z3 with the Customised AU Firmware when creating FTF file?


here is a tutorial on using flashtool… a bit old but all still valid Also, as Chris mentioned, you can use flashtool to download the FTF to you want…. rather than downloading it elsewhere as per the tutorial. When you open flashtool, go through the “devices” menu and select “check updates” then select the Z3 form the list and open the 6653 tab… pick the customized AU FW as that is the generic Australian one. As chris says… it really is easy and as long as you stick with flashtool, it is all stock FW and you cannot really… Read more »


Same here. but we need to use the PC Companion though.

Lachie Outhred

Does your phone need to be rooted to do this?


Not at all… See threads below with links to guides for using flashtool. Go for it.

Lachie Outhred

Sweet thanks!

Max Luong

I flashed the unbranded AU firmware from XperiFirm and on the weekend. I’ve been missing Lollipop ever since going from my Nexus 4 so it’s good to have the awesome scrolling and amazing screen responsiveness back again.

It works really well. Fantastic update.

Chris Spencer

Can i ask please specifics on how you did this?


See above Chris. It’s piss simple. Use XperiaFirm to download the firmware of your choice, and use FlashTool to flash it. Both are available for Windows from XDA; Just Google ’em.

Chris Spencer

I downloaded the wrong one first…thought I had to choose Telstra or I’d brick device… it did teach me how to flash easy…ONCE i solved windows 8.1 bloody driver signing issues! Trying this download now.. hope it is generic..

Device: Xperia Z3 (D6653)

CDA: 1288-4247

Market: Australia

Operator: Customized AU

Network: APAC-LTE

Release: 23.1.A.0.726 / R5C

Size: 1.48 GB


That’s the one!! I am using that one… It will work perfectly. How did you go?

Chris Spencer

Awesome. Lollipop heaven! Should I get all future updates now OTA from Sony?


Yup – your phone now thinks ( and is in all reality ) a phone you bought from Sony directly… So when they update that “customized au” firmware, PC companion and eventually OTA update will happen. Having said that.. When Telstra finally release their .726 firmware, you can always flash that in the same way ( you should not have to wipe data given it is same android version ) and your phone will go back to a Telstra phone. We are really lucky having a tool like flashtool available to us..heaps of awesome developers on Sony.. Much much harder… Read more »


I personally think that Sony skin of Android is the best out there.. It’s not offensive, take the best elements of lollipop and only adds a touch of Sony flavour to it.. Though the latest touch Wiz on lollipop is much more toned down than past version I would still trade it anyway for this.

Marné Prinsloo

My z3c still has no OTA or update when I plug it into the Sony Bridge software.

Phil Tann

I got mine early this week when i checked the software.
You won’t get an OTA on this one from what I’m reading


Hurry up telstra!

Phill Edwards

I received a Lollipop update for my Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact last week. It’s 5.0.x not 5.1 – do you think that will be a problem? I’d heard that 5.0.x is a bit buggy and 5.1’s the good one. Don’t know if they’ll release another update.


Come on Z3.. !!

Does it have the “close all” button on recent apps screen??

Michaela is really organized!! 3 ICE contacts!! I have not set 1 up yet!! 😉


Nope it doesnt have the close all button. I really hope they fix this!!

Adrian Mace

I hope it doesn’t!

The close all button does more harm than good for your battery life. Built in android memory management does a better job of closing stuff that isn’t needed than the user ever can – and often even after you close it, android will automatically open them again in the background.

This opening and closing and fighting the system is just draining battery life as opening and closing repeatedly is a lot harder on the phone than leaving the same thing open and idle.


I really dislike this omission, also.


Erk sorry, that was me. I love a kill button!

Also, no one on my ICE list answers their phones so I figure more = merrier!


He he… Well, really… Who uses their phone as a phone anymore??