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Like many out there I was very keen to get the Official CM12 rom on my Oneplus One after it landed the other day. Like some, my OPO did not want to flash the Official CM12 ROM, so I had to dig a bit deeper. I’m not a good terminal app user on my Mac and I’ve seen many different apps written for Windows, but all I have is my Mac so I found a few solutions.

To some, the TWRP recovery was not up to date… that solved it for them.

To some, the CM12 ROM was not playing well with them, so an edit was in order.

To others (me), none of this worked… so I found a Toolkit that worked with your Terminal app to guide you through the processes.

I found that this was great for unlocking my bootloader but I still came up short… Lastly, I found a little app made by a fan called JOxygenOS Installer that helps you install Oneplus’ Oxygen OS… but now also a modified CM12 rom. From here it was an easy drag and drop process which made something a bit intimidating seem rather easy. If you’re wanting to try out CM12 on your OPO, I suggest clicking through some of the links in this article for some good guidance, to save you some of the angst I suffered trying to get this to work.

Hope this helps. You can always wait for the Official OTA, which probably won’t be too far away.

Marné Prinsloo  


Marné is a student on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. He loves the Nexus range, Sony phones and more recently, Cyanogen Mod and the rise of Chinese phone manufacturers. Marné loves graphene and followed the development of batteries and supercapacitors closely.
Current Devices: Oneplus One CM11, Nexus 5.

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