AD - Podcast Draft

It’s been far too long, and tonight we’re going to try to make up for it by covering all the news we can from the last month in 1 hour!*

Catch up with Jason, Scott and myself tonight at 9:30pm AEST where we’ll be discussing the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, LG Music Flow, Lollipop’s disappointing market share, Samsung’s and HTC’s earnings, Bendgate, Android Auto, Foxtel Go and anything else we can cram in! It’s a big ask and it may not go to plan, but we’ll give it a crack anyway.

A tale of two phones
A tale of two phones

We’ll have the usual chat room live on the site just before broadcast starts, so come back and join us!

* 1 hour runtime not guaranteed

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    Phil Tann

    Yes that’s and S6 and an S6 Edge mating…
    Maybe we’ll see an S6 Edge Mini by the end of the show?