Google Search
Google is at the top of the heap when it comes to search and they’re constantly tweaking ways in which to get the right information to you as quickly as possible. A new tweak that’s been introduced is the introduction of possibly relevant apps into your search results.

Whether you’re searching for ‘How to make the perfect cup of tea’ or ‘The best way to share my duckface selfie’ if Google finds a relevant app in Google Play, the result will be listed. Apps listed in search results will be linked to Google Play, so all users have to do is tap the link and then click install.

App installs through app indexing

Google is hoping to drive new app installs with this change, and it appears that any developer can get in on this. Google has listed a lot more information on App Indexing and how to integrate indexing into your Android app on their developer site.

Source: Google Webmaster blog.