Google Search
Google has announced a second tweak to their mobile search results today. After announcing the introduction of app results to search queries, they’ve also announced that they’ll be improving the presentation of URLs in search results as well.

The changes – which are US-only to start with – will show website names to better reflect websites. Instead of using a domain name, the results will now show actual site names, as well as the URL structure of the sites in a ‘breadcrumbs-like format’.

There’s also a new integration for search which includes support for, with search now supporting

  • The website name to be used instead of the domain name
  • The URL structure of the URL as breadcrumbs

If you’re a webmaster, then you can check out all the updated new features on the related Google support pages for site names and breadcrumbs. Hopefully we see these changes rollout to Australia soon.

Source: Google Webmaster blog.