LG Music Flow G4

The LG Music Flow range of speakers has a new addition, the H4 Wifi Streaming Portable Speaker. The system which I was impressed enough after reviewing the range to purchase, is a genuine competitor in the streaming speaker market to the giant in the arena; Sonos.

The H4 plugs a gap that a number of people have asked me about, a portable option in the range. It’s not going to pack the same punch as the H5 or H7, but still be sufficient for parties putting out 20 watts but the convenience factor is high with a built in battery to keep your tunes pumping even if you’re moving location around your home or yard. Current pricing is showing as US$199.99 which doesn’t make it a cheap option, so we’ll have to see what the price ends up being once they’re officially available in Australia.

We have already made contact with LG One in Australia and once the review units become available you can expect a follow up review to last weeks posting.

Has the Music Flow system from LG captured your interest (or money), or are you waiting for something the streaming systems are yet to deliver?

Source: LG USA.
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Phill Edwards

I have a Balupunkt Bluetooth wireless speaker. Not sure if the LG one here is Bluetooth or just Wi-Fi. If anyone’s looking to buy a device like this a couple of things to look out for:
1. Some support putting phone calls through the device do you can use for conference calls.
2. Find out how well it holds charge when not in use. The Blaupunkt leaks it’s charge when not in use and not plugged in, so when you come to use it it’s almost always flat which is REALLY annoying.


Am pretty happy with my H5. Sounds better than expected for size and price. my gripes would be on the software side. More wifi config controls would be nice, and so far I’ve failed to get the pc server software to work. Though the googlecast support makes up for that.


Perfect for me. I mentioned on the podcast the other night that this is what I want… Good one LG… Oh and I’m about to head out and buy either a H5 or H7 tomorrow morning..