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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners, your Lollipop is here. Since launching in November last year with Android 4.4, owners have been awaiting their lollipop update and the good news is, that it’s rolling out.

Ausdroid reader Brandon advised us of the update, which has hit his unlocked Galaxy Note 4 handset purchased from The Good Guys. The update is fairly large – 1006MB in size, but it contains an awful lot of updates according to the update prompt which Brandon shared :

The update is available for unlocked devices, or will be with these rollouts tending to be staggered, so keep checking your Note 4 – Settings > System Updates > Update Now – for updates. Carrier branded Note 4 handsets could also see the Lollipop update shortly, with at least one carrier advising that the update is ready.

Optus advises that the update to Android 5.0.1 has been delivered to Note 4 and Note Edge already on their software update page – but that’s the end of the good news. Vodafone lists the update for the Note 4 and Note Edge as ‘Testing failed, awaiting feedback from Samsung’ while Telstra doesn’t even mention the update in their latest – or the one prior – software update announcement.

If you see an update to your phone, let us know and if you have a Galaxy Note 4, let us know if you have your update and what you think about it.

Thanks: +Brandon.
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    Craig Muldoon

    Total phone slow down, almost unusable and consistent battery drain. Poor form Samsung.

    Jack Jones

    Hi Daniel, Much discussion about how the new lollipop handles time based and contact based call blocking on SGNote4 and SGS6. Well it is now called “Do Not Disturb” under notifications and is devised so it really works with group callers that are located as “Favourites”. BUT it DOES NOT actually work on lollipop updated Samsung Galaxy Note4 phones. When setting the schedule for time, it should automatically set the “do not disturb” function to “On” but it does not. If you then try to set it on “do not disturb” manually it overrides the time schedule completely. Samsung has… Read more »


    Well Kies3 upgraded it fine. Interestingly, the downloaded file was much bigger at ~1.8Gb. Bound to have been a factor in getting the install to take.

    Initial impression of my new lolly is it tastes quite nice. We’ll see how it goes with use…


    I am looking for info on what to do when the upgrade fails, and finding naff all. So documenting here and let’s see who joins the oarty. This is a Samsung Note 4 unlocked on Exetel (Optus). 1006Mb downloads OK then on install reboots and for about 1 sec flashes up a cool gizmo grapfhic with word error under it and restarts to kitkat as normal. It tells me there was an upgrade fail and suggests service centre / Kies on PC and a minute later asks to send a 48Mb report to Samsung I think and I let it.… Read more »

    harry richards

    Downloading now on my unlocked note 4 bought from jb hi fi. I use Vodafone so it’ll be interesting to see of I run into any issues with reception etc considering their test ‘failed’


    Updated my Note 4 last night. Seems quicker, keyboard is nicer, nice UI updates. Battery seems fine, only niggle is I can’t check the data usage per day just has an accumulative total. I liked it because if an app was using too much data.


    Got the update on my unlocked phone from JB Hi-Fi. It’s an awesome improvement!

    Everything went fine. Battery is ok.

    Clyde Jones

    Got the Optus update yesterday


    Updated one of my optus note 4 two days ago. Wont be updating other one. Games like simpsons tapped out were silky smooth , now animations are stilted and its really struggling to keep up with the multiple items moving on screen. Seriously, as a gaming device now its bloody awful. Any way i can go back to previous version without rooting?


    I got lollipop update on Optus.


    Has anybody had battery drain?


    I got the update from Optus this morning. Very disappointed that we don’t appear to have received the camera2 api… So no dng photos for us.. Poor form Samsung, poor form.
    I’ve contacted them and am awaiting a reply. Will see what they say.


    Same camera sensor used in galaxy s6 which does have limited support for camera2 api…imx240 ? I don’t know why they took so long to update if they weren’t giving us anything different


    Force checked for updates on Optus. It’s available for download.


    Updated my Note 4 to Lollipop this morning. One of the features i was hoping for though I can’t seem to find. I was looking forward to having different user profiles but can’t seem to find the options anywhere. Other than that going great so far! The camera opens up quicker too!!


    All good. Update landed this morning. One big thing for me sees a vast improvement when typing. All in all serms to be a smooth transition. Although slightly higher processor temp readings.

    Michael G

    Got the update yesterday and pleased to announce that it seems to be running splendidly. None of the reported bugs are present and I even got to keep the mute function. SM-N910G unlocked. Hoping it stays that way.


    I purchased mine as an additional handset on my wife’s Vodafone account however have a Telstra pre-paid sim card. Which boat am I in?

    vijay alapati

    Brought mine from Goodguys. When checked it says Your device is running unofficial firmware, Please use kies, Will check once i return home, May be becauae i am running xposed and tweaked phone with certain mods for surround speakers and other stuff


    Most probably because you have rooted your phone,

    vijay alapati

    updated via kies last night on my wife’s note 4. looks refreshing on UI part, not sure what changed most, but i did miss lock screen widgets from Kitkat. rooted after 10 mins and waiting for xposed update as the current xposed is putting into bootloop for 5.0.1 on note 4

    Andrew McMahon

    I bought my Note 4 direct from Samsung. Lollipop downloading now 🙂

    Andrew McMahon

    All running well – looks like I can even use fingerprint scanner with my Google Apps for Business 🙂


    I bought a telstra galaxy note 4 unlocked will I have to wait for telstra updates or will I be able to download this one?

    Daniel Tyson

    Hi Nicole,

    Depends where you purchased the phone. If you purchased it from a Telstra store you’ll have to wait for Telstra. The easy way to tell is if it has a Telstra logo on boot it is Telstra branded.


    Thanks for the info 🙂 unfortunately it is… so will be in for a long wait


    I just did an update check on my Optus Note 4 and it’s coming down now…