G4 Body with F1.8
Last we saw, LG teased the camera on the upcoming G4, telling people that the camera would support a f/1.8 aperture in front of a 16MP sensor on the rear. LG has continued their teasers today with another one focusing on the all important camera, using professional photographer Colby Brown to talk about the benefits of the new camera.

Colby talks up the light capturing ability of the G4 camera module and the lens, advising that even a f/0.1 difference can be huge on a camera – a not-so-obvious dig at the f/1.9 aperture on the Galaxy S6 perhaps? There’s talk of the full manual controls on the G4, as well as the perfect colour capture.

As you can see in the video above, there’s some absolutely gorgeous pictures taken, with bright popping colours that look stunning. It also seems to have the light painting ability of the Huawei P8 which launched last week.

We’ll find out more about the LG G4 when it launches in Singapore next week. Ausdroid will be there to cover it and bring you all the first impressions and information you can handle.

Source: LG.
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Lucas Buchanan

This is promising after a disapointing “Z4” announcement


Long exposure, not light painting. 😉

Light painting is when a photographer uses a light source, like an led flash light, to brighten or illuminate sections of an image as a camera captures it.

The new camera looks good – at least the images in the video do. I do wonder how much they were alerted in post, though.

Daniel Tyson

So in other words if I took an LED Flashlight and used it in front of the G4 with a long exposure it would be….Light Painting?




I guess my point being that no camera has an ability to light paint because this is something a photographer does. So rather than light paint the camera has the ability to shoot at adjustable shutter speeds and, as a result, take long exposures.


Looks good. Shutter speed control is a nice addition to create those lovely light trails. What remains to be seen is the speed. Launch, focus and shutter latencies need to be minimal to compete with the Galaxy S6. Hopefully LG can nail a 60fps HDR Preview too. An awesome viewfinder can make a big difference.