After launching in Australia last month, public transportation app Moovit has updated their Android app with a refreshed new look and some great new features.

The update brings a fresh new look to the app, which concentrates on improving usability with a simplified design. Rebuilt from the ground up, Moovit says that the revamp has been done with user feedback in mind. Moovit says the new interface means less tapping to get the desired outcome so you can work out how to get to your destination faster.

Moovit has also updated their search bar, which now lets you type in an address and find the quickest way to get there. You can also check a public transport option to see where it will take you in the city – great for exploring. This feature can also be useful with the new ‘Near Me’ feature which lets you find where you are on a map and then find nearby stations and view the arriving and departing options.

If you like to keep abreast of your travels while you’re on a bus, train or other types of transport, the new real-time notifications will delight you. With a single tap, you can track your progress on the map, viewing your ETA at your destination and if you’re somewhere unfamiliar, you can get alerts to notify you when to get off.

For regular users, the new Favourites feature should mean some time saving, with the ability to save favourite places, as well as frequent routes into Moovit, letting you see next arrival times when you need to.

Moovit is a user driven platform primarily, so its all about helping other travellers with feedback. Moovit has improved their reporting functions, now letting you share live transit conditions, including line changes and facility conditions – essentially anything you, yourself would like to know.

Lastly, Offline support is here, with Moovit now able to let you access that saved trip with the directions, line information, maps and schedules with no data connection – handy for that trip from the airport to your hotel when you’re overseas with no data.

To try out Moovit, head on over to Google Play and install it – it’s free.

Moovit: Bus & Train Schedules
Moovit: Bus & Train Schedules
Developer: Moovit
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    Tried using it pre 4.0 update. It was pretty cool. It has nice fancy features on rating your trip and social integration for traffic updates from users and such. But can’t see myself using all the features personally.

    I’d just use it for bus times and creating train routes, which Trip View Sydney does perfectly for me already. Plus Trip View just has an even simpler, bare-bones interface than Moovit, which is all I’m after.

    But I can see why others might enjoy using Moovit. 🙂


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    I am in Melbourne.

    Is this app better than PTV official app?

    BTW, when Google will have public transport information on Google map? I remembered PTV release the format long time ago. Right? Any updates on that?

    Daniel Tyson

    They released the info at the end of last month, now it’s just up to Google to implement it into Google Transit.

    Moovit is worth a look.